general Information

The Franchiser will create a pool of amateur golfers by registering them and ensuring their availability to play in the League according to its rules and regulations.

Franchiser will charge a Registration Fee of maximum of AED 1,200/- (USD 330) from the Player. The fee is payable only when asked to pay, nothing is payable on registration. If after paying the fee, the Player is not picked up by any Franchisee, the Franchiser will refund the fee in full after Franchisee Team Squads have been finalized. The registration fee otherwise shall be non-refundable. If for example, after paying the fee, the Player wishes to withdraw his name or does not want to play for the Franchisee Team that picked him/her up.

A Player will not incur any other charges (green fee etc.) or any kind of participation fee to play in the League, other than the registration fee.

Each Franchisee will have a squad of 24 Players. Only 12 Players will be part of the team during any given round. The choice of the 12 players to play in a particular round will be at the discretion of the Franchise Owner.

Registered Players will undertake to play minimum four rounds out of a total of nine rounds that comprise the League, if they are asked to play by the Franchise Owner. The overseas players will be exempted from this 'minimum' requirement.

who can Register?

Any Amateur Golfer based in any part of the world can register to be part of the League. However, maximum handicap for Amateurs to play in the League is 14 Index.

No Player can participate in EAGL without first registering with the Franchiser and becoming a part of the Players Pool.

registration Form

Registration is Open.

players Pool

Players Pool will get uploaded after Player has been asked to pay the registration fee and it has been paid.


  • Experience to play like a professional golfer on a course set up similar to professional tournaments.
  • Experience to play when it is being covered LIVE.
  • Play competitive team golf as part of a Team.
  • Be in the media limelight.
  • Motivates to improve your game.
  • Receive the Team Apparel.
  • Play 9 Rounds of Golf and attend 2 Grand Events at almost no cost.
  • Network and make new friends and contacts for social, business etc.
  • Be proud to play in the Franchise -base golf league, first of its kind in the world.
  • Pride to play for a Team to win the coveted trophy.