number of Teams

EAGL will be contested by eight Franchisee-owned teams.

Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4
Team 5
Team 6
Team 7
Team 8

teams' Structure

A Team shall be owned by an Individual or a Group of Individuals or a Corporate or a Group of Corporates.

Each team will have a squad of 24 amateur golfers. Twelve players will play in a round of golf. The Playing 12 will be decided by the Coach and the Team Owners.

The squad and the team will be constituted on the basis of the following handicap index.
0-4 6 2-4
5-8 6 2-4
9-11 6 2-4
12-14 6 2-4

A Team will have a Professional Golfer as Coach.

Team Owners shall be allowed to choose 2 Players from each category and other 4 Players will be by draw. Team Owner shall be allowed to change the Player from its quota at any time after registering the Player and coming in Players Pool.

Team Owners will also be able to register golfers or non-golfers to strengthen the team in its management and support structure.

A Team will pick one of the Venues which will be accorded its Home Club status, where the League will be played.

teams' Apparel

Each Team will have custom-designed apparel for its players, which will consist of


* Team Apparel is being designed and will be unveiled soon. Above are just for illustration purposes

own a Team

There are significant reasons for individuals and corporates to own a sports franchise.

One of the foremost is a sense of pride to be able to create and build a competitive team.
The other reason is the expected return on investment - as the team value continues to grow and the resultant benefits accrue to the business directly or indirectly, thus enhancing the brand shine through a plethora of hospitality and marketing initiatives.

It is understood that very few individuals or corporates can afford to own a sports team, as the investment required in a professional league of any sport like cricket, football, rugby, baseball, hockey, basketball, etc. can run into millions of dollars.

With EAGL however, individuals and corporates now have the opportunity to own a team at a nominal cost. Contact EAGL Head Office for details.

Why Should a Corporate Acquire a Team?

More than reflexes, Golf is a sport played with the mind, a high level of fitness and deep strategy. It is a relatively expensive sport. Amateur Golf is usually played by well-to-do people, senior management professionals, businessmen, industrialists, and other high net worth individuals. Amateur golfers are probably the largest segment of the elite sporting fraternity and fan base.

Professional golfers play golf to earn a livelihood while Amateurs play for fun, entertainment, networking, business development, building contacts and to be in the company of like-minded people.

Corporates organize golf tournaments for Amateurs to entertain their clients, enable networking and build relations for enhancing business and showcasing their brand. While corporate golf events achieve certain objectives, they fall short of expectations in many areas. By owning a Team in EAGL, a corporate can achieve its objectives manifold at a relatively low cost (See Chart Below).

Owning a Golf Team will serve a good tool for marketing, branding, networking, customer development & entertainment and public relations. It shall be better than hosting a golf day in many ways and at reduced cost.
S.No. Description Corporate Golf Day For Golf Team Owner
1 No. of Golf Days & Events 1 11
2 Networking Max 150 About 11,000
3 Interaction Interaction Sustained interaction for 11 golf days & events over 8-10 weeks
4 Media Exposure Almost NIL Extensive media exposure in all media platforms over long period of time.
5 On Golf Course Branding Limited Extensive
6 LIVE Broadcast No Yes for 40 hours At least 1 million viewers
7 Grand Prize Presentation Ceremony and Gala Dinner Limited Elaborate in 5 Star Hotel for 900 + Guests
8 Advertising on LIVE Broadcast, Interviews, Team Profiles etc. No Yes
9 Golf Course set up like Professional Tournaments Set Up No Yes
10 Cost of 1 Round of Golf of 96 Players AED 120,000 to 150,000 Average AED 50,000

team Benefits

Please contact Marketing Department of EAGL for details.